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Introducing || Marte and Just Fashion
8. August 2017
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We are sitting down with Marte Djupesland, founder of Just Fashion, talking about beautiful design, style and the opportunity that opens up through rental for designers.

Marte is one of these people, one could talk for hours to because she has so many ideas on fashion, on young designers, sustainability and luxury. If she could, she would just change the world but one has to start somewhere so she founded “Just Fashion”.

Just Fashion is representing young designers, showcasing how beautiful individual design is, the value of creativity and how much personality it has.

Marte is a Westerdals educated copywriter from Bergen. One with passion, with a vision, with ideals. One who has had always a passion for creating things, for creativity, for details, for the soul of fashion garments and its personality. Fashion for her is the way people put things together. How they express their personality. What have they been thinking when dressing the way they do? The most personal way that fashion can be. The most authentic way. The way of making fashion items your own. The individuality. The creativity.

Just Fashion is the continuity of this mindset. It is all about understanding the vision, the process of creating a garment and choosing the process that one wants to participate in. It is all about empowering the creatives to create something that lasts. Something beautiful, something lasting, something valued, something appreciated, something loved. The customer has the chance to be involved in this process by for example made to measure garments that are offered by several designers that Just Fashion works with.

The new way of setting the focus back onto the creator and their customer allows for new revenue streams. It allows designers to only produce pre-ordered items, to target direct customers and to test out samples in rental models. Here, designers and labels can test their collections and see which items are most desired. It allows for customisation and for involvement the customer to make a personal item. Fighting fast fashion would mean to design beautiful items. Items that have a vision and a personality and that people want to have around. Items that are valued and loved.