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About Duty and Taxes

We want you to feel confident with your order and therefore, we are answering all frequently asked questions regarding duty and taxes in this section.

All prices for an item shown on always includes local VAT for the Retailer selling that particular item. If you are picking up an item in the store then the price shown is the final price.

If you are ordering an item from an EU based store and getting it delivered to an address outside EU or if you are buying from a store located outside EU and getting it delivered to an address within EU

Depending on the type of item, you will have to pay additional customs, local VAT and a handling fee directly to the company or post office delivering your item.

You can use to find out the amount. Just type the category of item ( dress, a leather bag,etc) and sales and shipping price of the item that you want to get delivered. The calculator will then tell you the estimated amount you will need to pay in addition when receiving the item.

If you are based in the EU and order from an EU based store

You do not have to pay any additional fees. Therefore, the price you see on is the final price.