SoBo Community - SoBo- the vintage community !
SoBo - The Vintage Community

SoBo Community is a community of individual vintage stores. We are collecting them on one site so you can easily shop them. This way, you can shop locally, wherever you are.

Browse through an ever-updating list of fashion items that are carefully curated by our individual partner stores.

SoBo Philosophy

Fashion is so much more than the clothes we wear. It is art. It is history. It is emotion. It is a way of life. When choosing what to wear, we are making decisions on how we feel, we express how we want to feel today and how we want people to perceive us. It is a way of expressing our personality.

We are connecting you with all those cool, individual, high-end vintage boutiques in Norway and from all over Europe so you can find pieces that contribute to your personal style.

Imagine going vintage shopping and treasure hunting in Berlin, Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris,… without having to leave your sofa.

And if you do, you already know where to go on your next city trip.

We are collecting the best vintage boutiques in Europe for you so you can get access to their designer items.

We are just working with trustworthy partners who can guarantee that all items are 100% authentic.

You will be able to discover vintage fashion, cities, stores and beautiful items from all over Europe on one platform.